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Necessities to Buy for Newborn Twins

You don’t need two of everything when you’re having twins — but you do need two of some essential baby gear, as well as a double supply of newborn diapers.

But before you rush out and buy two of some things, such as infant swings or bouncy chairs, wait and see if both babies actually enjoy them. If one loves them and one doesn’t, you’ve saved yourself the cost of duplicate equipment.


Buy for Newborn Twins


A Place to Sleep

As cute as it might look to see twins snuggled up together, your twins should each have their own bed to sleep in eventually. When they’re tiny, you may be able to keep them in the same crib, but move them to their own digs when they start looking crowded or they’re disturbing each other, pediatrician Dr. Claire McCarthy advises on the “Parenting” magazine website.

You might prefer to keep them in your room in smaller bassinets, which can be pushed into the living area during the day, when they’re small.

Don’t put blankets or toys in any infant sleeping space, because of the risk of suffocation, the American Academy of Pediatrics warns.


Car Seats

You can’t fit two babies — even little ones — into one infant car seat, so you’ll need to spring for two. Infants up to the age of at least 12 months — the AAP now advises up to age 2 — should sit rear-facing in their car seats.

Sitting rear-facing reduces the risk of severe injury or death in an accident by 75 percent, according to the AAP. Both car seats should be in the back seat.


A Double Stroller

It’s not convenient to carry one baby while you push the other in a stroller when you go out. Although they’re bulky and big, a double stroller will save your arms and make being out and about a lot more pleasant.

Strollers made for two come in several styles; in some, the babies sit side by side, while in others, they line up in a row, or in tandem.

Tandem strollers are easier to navigate through narrow spaces, but can be tricky to get up and down curbs or to steer straight, “Consumer Reports” explains. Side-by-side strollers are easier to maneuver up curbs but are also humungous.


Feeding Supplies

You can’t ask one baby to wait while you feed the other; figure that at some times, both babies will want to eat at the same time. In fact, the AAP recommends doing everything in your power — including waking up a sleeping baby — to get your twins on the same feeding schedule, so that you don’t spend all your time feeding babies.

If you’re breastfeeding, a breastfeeding pillow designed for twins can make life easier. If you’re bottle feeding, two bottle warmers or one double bottle will help warm up pre-made bottles quickly so no one has to wait.


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Necessities to Buy for Newborn Twins


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