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Morale Building Games

In any group setting, such as the office or the military, morale is important. Morale is the attitude of a group towards the work they are attempting. Positive morale keeps the group working in sync and efficiently.

Negative morale can cause people to drag their feet and lose focus. Building team morale can be done with some relaxing games.

Morale Building Games


Artist Workshops

Indulging your teammates’ artistic side can help them feel creative and excited and can help translate that creativity into their workplace performance. This can help build team cooperation, team spirit, leadership, risk taking and decision making. Break your co-workers into teams of two. Give each team the chance to create a piece of art in their chosen format. For example, they can paint a picture in an abstract manner. They could also use clay to sculpt or Legos to build.

Artistic skill isn’t necessary. Give the teams 1 hour to complete their art work and they set it up for display. Give the teams awards for their art such as “best use of color” or “most use of clay.” The awards should be positive and amusing, keeping the game light-hearted and fun.


Office Olympics

Break your co-workers into groups of five. These teams will pick a “country” to represent them in the Office Olympics. They can use real countries or make their own. Create a series of games based around the work you do. For example, if you work in an office, you can have Speed Stapling events where players must staple large stacks of paper together as fast as possible. You can also have design games, where players must design a memo as creatively as possible, with a special judging panel scoring each memo.

You can also have physical activities such as Race to the Boss, where players run and dodge through obstacles from one side of the office to the boss’s office. The last one there gets “fired” in a humorous way. Make sure everyone receives a creative and positive award for his performance. Never create a negative atmosphere with the games.


Team Cooking

This activity is perfect for creating a noncompetitive, positive atmosphere in your office. This should be done somewhere with a working kitchen and reasonable supplies. There should be enough kitchen supplies for each team.

All cooking supplies should be provided by the company. Break your co-workers into several teams and give them a recipe. Each team must create part of a meal. They must learn how to manage the kitchen space together and work together to create a tasty and fulfilling meal for everyone else. The meal will only be good if everyone works hard together to make it great. They will learn patience, team work, leadership and time management. After all parts of the meal are done, get everyone together to enjoy the meal. Tasting everyone’s well made dishes will bring a feeling of camaraderie to your office.


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