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Moral Development in the Workplace

In many situations, moral development is important. In the workplace, no matter what the religious ideas of the workers are, it is urgent to be moral. Moral development in the workplace is often a process, because not every worker that you hire has the morals that you would like him to have.

Developing morals within your workplace is an important way for you to create a more successful workplace in general. There are several important parts to moral development in the workplace.

Moral Development


Caring for Others

Each worker that you have should care for other workers. This is a part of moral development. To help foster these feelings among your workers, you should make sure workers can discuss what is going on in their lives.

Having birthday parties that include cards that every worker signs and parties that promote fellowship gives workers a better understanding about what it means to care for others. Having open-door policies to allow employees can talk to you about what is bothering them will also help them care for others in the same way you care for them.



Honesty can be the hardest thing to promote in a workplace, but it is important. Promote honesty by providing your workers with a chance to take credit for their own work, but make taking credit for someone else’s work a crime in your workplace. Make sure that workers are encouraged to come to you with problems.


Hard Work

Working hard is a moral idea, because it means getting things done, taking credit for what you do and not stealing someone else’s work. Promote this by giving out rewards for work done and by discouraging things that waste time. Having workers unite to get tasks accomplished promotes a moral workplace in that it gives people a reason to work together and care for one another.


Goal Setting

Goal setting promotes good morals because it gives each member of the team something positive to strive for and a positive way to work. Set goals as individuals, and encourage everyone to think about how they can set goals that will make the workplace a better place to be. Compare goals and set companywide goals that will maintain cohesiveness among your workers.


Community Good

Working for the good of a community puts the good of everyone above individual good. Promote this idea in your workplace by providing rewards for working together as a team. Allow workers to come to work in casual dress, as long as they provide a donation to a charity or to a cause. Teach workers that they are only as good as their weakest member and that they should all strive for success.


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