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Metastatic Bone Cancer Symptoms

Metastatic bone cancer is the spread of cancer from one area of the body to one or more of the bones. This form of cancer is far more prevalent than primary bone cancer, but carries some of the same signs and symptoms of the disease.

Metastatic Bone Cancer



Of all of the symptoms of bone cancer, pain is by far the most common, and it is usually felt within the bone itself. It is also possible to experience some tenderness in any joint where a tumor has developed.



Another common symptom of bone cancer is a noticeable swelling or inflammation in any area above the affected bone, namely when the cancerous tissue is located near a joint.



Bone cancer can often cause weakness within the affected bone that can lead to breaks and fractures.



As with almost any form of cancer, bone cancer frequently causes one to suffer from an unexplained fatigue or exhaustion.



Sometimes, bone cancer triggers a fever that is usually accompanied by other symptoms of the disease. This fever may run anywhere from 99 degrees F or higher and can be mild to moderate in nature.



You may also begin to suffer from anemia, which may prompt other symptoms, such as dizziness, headaches, shortness of breath and irregular heartbeats. However, these are considered symptoms of anemia, not the bone cancer.



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