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List of Necessities for Newborn Babies

Who knew someone so small would require so much stuff? From diapers to blankets to bathtubs, newborn babies need a litany of necessities. Here’s a rundown of what to have on hand when you bring your little one home from the hospital, according to Parents Magazine.


List of Necessities for Newborn



If you choose to breastfeed, you’ll need a breast pump, a breastfeeding pillow, nursing pads and bras, lanolin lotion for sore nipples, and breast milk freezer bags or storage bottles. Even if you plan to breastfeed, purchase about six bottles, including newborn nipples, so you can feed the baby pumped milk or formula if you have to.

If you don’t plan to breastfeed, stock up on newborn formula (even if you do nurse, it’s good to have some on hand). You’ll need at least six burp cloths (cloth diapers make good ones). You’ll also need four to six bibs, which you can use for drool and spit up long before your baby eats solid foods.



You’ll be amazed at how quickly your little one goes through diapers in the first few weeks, so stock up, whether you choose cloth or disposable ones. You’ll also need lots of baby wipes. Diaper rash cream that contains zinc oxide helps protect tiny tushes from rashes. Diaper pails keep diaper odors from taking over the house. In the nursery, you’ll need a changing table with pad.



Most parents choose to use a portable crib or bassinet so the baby can sleep in their room for the first few weeks. Another option is a co-sleeper, which attaches to the side of your bed, but keeps the baby safe while you’re sleeping. Of course, you’ll also need a full-size crib in the nursery. Don’t forget sheets!

A baby monitor will allow you to hear the baby while she’s snoozing in her room and you are elsewhere in the house. A rocking chair is important for feeding or rocking the baby to sleep. Stock up on receiving blankets; they aren’t just for sleeping, since most newborns like to be swaddled up all day and night long.



You’ll need at least six onesies, five pairs of pants, six sleepers (one-piece coveralls with footies), five gowns, three pairs of newborn mittens to protect baby’s face from scratches, eight pairs of socks or booties, six T-shirts and three hats. Take into consideration the season in which your little one is born. If it’s winter, stock up on winter bunting and cardigans; or choose a sun hat and lighter fabrics if it’s summer.


Infant Care

In case your little one gets sick, you’ll need a thermometer and bulb syringe (also called an aspirator). Babies need special smaller nail clippers and specially shaped cotton swabs. To clean the umbilical cord, pick up alcohol and cotton balls.

For bath time, purchase an infant bath seat with a newborn “sling,” tiny washcloths, extra-gentle baby shampoo and cleanser, and a few hooded towels. Baby lotion is also important to keep his sensitive skin soft. A soft bristled brush is best for a newborn’s fine hair.


On-the-go Gear

A good diaper bag is a must, whether a shoulder bag or backpack. It should have lots of compartments to keep stuff organized. Obviously, you’ll need a rear-facing infant car seat with base and a stroller– the travel systems including all three parts are usually a good investment.



If you choose to use pacifiers, be sure to get ones labeled “newborn.” Swings and bouncy seats give the baby somewhere to lounge besides mom’s lap, and the movement will help her fall asleep. Many parents choose to use a sleep positioner to prevent the baby from squirming to the edge of the crib or rolling over in his sleep.


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