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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

If you have waited until Valentine’s Day to get that special guy a gift, you still have time to quickly come up with something festive. Appealing to your Valentine’s special interests and palate are two places to start when coming up with ideas.

You don’t have to go any farther than local shops to come up with a variety of gifts that won’t even seem like last-minute choices.


Dinner in a Box

Come up with a dinner menu that features your guy’s favorite foods. Plan a main dish, a side dish or salad, some kind of bread, and a dessert.

Type up the menu and let it serve as the Valentine. Buy all the ingredients, plus a bottle of his favorite soft drink or wine. Put the beverage and menu in a large box and tie the box with red ribbon. Present at dinnertime and let him enjoy a drink or two while you prepare dinner.


Movie Gift

Stop by your local movie theater and buy some movie passes. Also buy a few boxes of candy from the concession stand and ask for a large empty popcorn tub. Put the boxes of candy into the popcorn tub along with the movie passes.

Attach a big red bow. Alternatively, you might use the same idea but add a DVD or two to the popcorn tub instead of the movie tickets.


Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift


Book Lovers Treat

A trip to a large bookstore will provide you with an opportunity to pick up a Valentine card, a gift bag and some books to fill it with.

Head for the table displaying new books and pick out a work of fiction (perhaps a mystery by a popular author) and a non-fiction book on a subject in which your guy is interested (for example, sports, history, or movies).You might want to substitute one or both books with a few special interest magazines.


A New Toy

For a fun-loving guy, there are lots of possibilities for a last-minute Valentine’s gift at your local toy store. A bright red Frisbee, which you could use like a bowl and fill with red licorice whips, is one possibility.

A 500-piece puzzle that pictures a favorite sports team or city is another. Most guys would get a kick out of a new car—a plastic model of a Lamborghini, perhaps, waiting to be put together; be sure to include the glue and some red paint in keeping with the holiday. A collection of small wooden brainteasers, presented in a gift bag, would provide lots of entertainment.


Drugstore Treasures

If all you have time for is a stop at a nearby drugstore, you can still come up with a fun gift. Of course you’ll be able to find a Valentine card and a gift bag. Buy a package of red tissue paper and simply wrap the tissue around the items you buy and stuff them all into the gift bag.

Here are some of the things you might buy: a bottle of after shave, some candy bars, a computer or sports magazine, a can of salted nuts, or, for fun, a yo-yo.


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