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Last Minute Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving is nearly here: Are you ready? If you’re still scrambling for ideas or are pressed for time, try some of these last minute ideas for making the day flow smoothly.

Don’t have time to roast a whole turkey?

Just roast a breast, instead. Not only is it faster, but if your family is anything like mine, we mostly eat the white meat anyway, so there’s less waste if we just serve a breast.

If you still want stuffing, bake it in a casserole dish; it’s considered safer than cooking in the bird, too.


Stressing About Pie-Making?

Ask guests to bring a pie or two. Or hit the local bakery.

Make the day easier by purchasing dinner rolls or muffins and warming them in the oven or microwave just before serving.

For easy, healthy appetizers, buy a platter of veggies and offer a few different types of dips.

Add a little extra zip to home made or box-made mashed potatoes by adding some minced chives and some low fat sour cream. Or, add minced, roasted garlic and minced parsley.

Last Minute Thanksgiving Ideas


Worried About Making the Perfect Gravy?

Don’t mess with home made or those little envelopes of powder. Just buy a can of turkey or poultry gravy and heat it up. For guests who don’t mind veering away from tradition, serve barbecue sauce, as well as gravy.

Get creative with condiments. Offer not just salt and a pepper mill, but also red pepper flakes, mustard, and herbed butter on the table.

Instead of spending money on a center piece, save the cash for better food or wine and collect natural centerpieces from your backyard. Pine cones, acorns, colorful fall twigs, and small squash or pumpkins, are all excellent ideas.

Last Minute Thanksgiving Ideas

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Last Minute Thanksgiving Ideas


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