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Journal Ideas for Moon Phases

The moon completes its rotation around the earth every month in just under 30 days. The view from earth appears as a full moon when the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the planet. The moon appears to be gone from the sky (called a “new moon”) when it gets between the sun and the earth.

As the moon continues its path, it appears to be a quarter or crescent until it completes its rotation. The phases of the moon have historically been associated with ritual, mood and even behavior. Track your feelings and thoughts during the phases of the moon in a journal.

Moon Phases


Full Moon

The light coming off the moon is brightest during the full moon period. Consider turning that light toward yourself internally, writing about things that make you feel light and happy. Pen an essay about your pet cat, who greets you at the door of your home.

If you’ve recently performed community service or an act of volunteerism, jot down some notes about what you did and how it made you feel. Keep track, in the journal, of everyday items that make you feel happy (such as getting a letter in the mail, winning money from a scratch-off ticket, seeing children with good manners). You’ll be able to look over your writings during a time you need a bit of light thought to perk you up.


New Moon

When the moon isn’t visible from earth, it is called a new moon or dark moon, sometimes referred to as hiding. During the dark moon period, write about your biggest fears and worries. Writing out your worries may help you reason them into losing their power.

Keeping a journal can also help you organize your thoughts, reduce stress and improve focus, according to appleseeds.org. Label the top of a page with a negative thought, then strive to write down everything you can think of to reason against it. Imagine yourself to be similar to the moon itself, rotating out of its dark, hidden appearance and toward the trajectory of light.


Half Moon

Much like the half, or crescent, moon symbolizes the full, bright moon to come, you can be a blooming work in progress as well. During the moon phases where the moon appears half complete, work on goals and plans in your journal.

Keep a list of accomplishments you’d like to achieve, including both personal growth and community efforts. Write down what you’re doing to achieve those goals, what you could be doing and how to see them through. The journal can be your way of brainstorming and tracking your own progress, plus jotting down encouraging notes to yourself, such as “Only 10 pounds to go!” or “One more class until graduation.”


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