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Is It Safe to Run During the First Few Weeks of Pregnancy?

Exercising during pregnancy can offer a lot of benefits such as clearing your mind, and giving you physical strength. While exercising may help work out your heart and body, it is also an activity that should be done with caution while pregnant, especially if you are not used to running before pregnancy.

First Few Weeks of Pregnancy



Starting a running routine while pregnant is not recommended for women who are not used to this exercise, or have not already been runners before becoming pregnant, according to Julie Tupler, a registered nurse, certified personal trainer, and founder of Maternal Fitness.


First Trimester

Non-runners shouldn’t run during the first trimester. This is a critical time for the fetus development, and running can pose a risk of overheating, which can cause problems for the baby, according to Tupler.


Knee and Joint Pain

Unless you are an avid runner, running can be hard on knees and during pregnancy. Joints loosen, making it injury more likely, according to BabyCenter.com.


Advice for avid runners

For moms who are used to running routines before pregnancy, it is important to drink a lot of water before, during and after running to avoid dehydration.



Never run to the point of exhaustion, or push yourself to the point of breathlessness. Stop running immediately and consult a doctor if you have difficulty breathing, start bleeding, become dizzy or have chest pains. If you start having pre-term labor contractions immediately contact a doctor.



Wear running sneakers with a lot of support for your ankles and arches, and wear a sports bra with good support for your growing breasts.


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