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Is Excessive Thirst During Early Pregnancy Common?

During pregnancy it is extremely important to take care of yourself so your baby has the best chances to be born healthy. That means that while pregnant you need to eat a healthy diet and drink the right amount of fluids.

Thirst During Early Pregnancy



Since your body typically needs about 8 fluid ounces a day, it makes sense that you will need more while you are pregnant. The Institute of Medicine recommends that women get 10 8-ounce glasses of fluids a day while pregnant.


Always Thirsty

Since you are adding to your blood volume as well as your baby’s, most women feel very thirsty because your body is demanding more water to help produce the blood needed.


Weight Break Down

On average, the pregnant woman will gain 8 pounds as the placenta, 2 pounds of amniotic fluids, and 8 more pounds of water and fluid weight on mommy.



Some fruits and vegetables have high enough levels of water to affect the amount of fluids you take in during the day. If you need to add to the amount of fluids you get a day, try having fresh fruit and vegetables more often.


Talk with Your Doctor

If you ever feel you are too thirsty during your pregnancy, talk it over with your pregnancy care provider. Bring it up every time you meet with him if you are still concerned.


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