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International Travel Accident Insurance

When traveling internationally, you expose yourself to a number of risks that may not be covered by regular insurance policies. Because of this increase in risks, purchasing international travel accident insurance can provide you with extra security.

This type of insurance policy will help compensate you or your loved ones if an accident occurs.

International Travel Accident Insurance


International Travel Insurance

When you are planning on traveling internationally, you can buy international travel insurance which will protect you in several ways. This type of insurance can be purchased from a travel insurance company or it can be provided as a benefit from your credit card company.

The reason for purchasing travel insurance is so that you can be covered even while you are outside the United States. Most other insurance policies such as homeowner’s or health insurance would not provide benefits while you are outside the states.


Accidental Death Coverage

One of the items typically covered by an international travel insurance policy is accidental death. This means that if you or one of your loved ones is accidentally killed while in another country, the travel insurance company will pay a lump sum benefit.

The amount of the payout will be based on the terms of the policy and you can choose the amount of coverage when you make your initial purchase.


Dismemberment Coverage

As part of the accidental portion of your policy, you may also be given coverage against dismemberment. This means that you can be paid a lump sum of money if you become dismembered in some way.

For example, if you are in another country and you get your hand cut off accidentally, the insurance company will pay you a lump sum settlement. This type of insurance can protect against many different types of accidents.


Medical and Evacuation

If you are injured as part of an accident, you may also require medical attention in the foreign country. With most travel insurance policies, they will provide benefits for you to receive medical attention while in the other country.

If the injury is serious enough, the insurance policy can also pay to evacuate you back to the United States. Without this protection, you may be required to stay in the foreign country until you recover.


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