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Importance of Vitamins During Pregnancy

Though pregnancy is natural, and a woman’s body is perfectly equipped to carry and nourish a child, pregnancy also presents a unique health challenge. The two bodies included need a great deal more of everything, and frequently don’t get it. One way to make sure you’re getting what both you and your developing baby need is to take the vitamins that your doctor prescribes.


Vitamins During Pregnancy



Because many people cannot ingest what they need for a healthy pregnancy, they have to take some kind of supplemental nourishment.


Eating for Two

This means more than just an extra piece of cake. You need to be taking in enough vitamins for two people–and the baby growing inside you.


Baby Takes More

Our bodies are set up so the infant will take from the mother all that he needs. If you’re not getting enough vitamins, your body will suffer before the baby’s does.



Modern diets are not balanced in terms of all the vitamins and minerals we need. Include the additional necessities of pregnancy to that, and we’re path behind in getting what we truly need. We can attempt to eat right, yet it most likely won’t be sufficient without additional nutrients.


Baby Can Suffer

Babies need extra folic acid, calcium and iron along with all the other vitamins. These help with bone and brain development, and carrying oxygen to the blood.


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