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Ideas to Surprise Your Husband When He Comes Home

Feeling loved and appreciated is vital while in a marriage. When your husband comes home, either at the end of the day or after an extended period, surprising him can help him feel exactly that way.

The surprise ideas fit into a wide budget range and can occupy anywhere from hours to several days of your husband’s time. Options consisting of material gifts and experiences can help you tailor the surprise to what your husband would love the most and what you have the time and expense to plan.

Ideas to Surprise Your Husband When He Comes Home


Night in Without Kids

If you have kids, get a babysitter to take them overnight so you and your husband can enjoy time together alone. Order his favorite takeout, have a bottle of wine chilling and rent his favorite movies.

Later on, you can also put on lingerie he especially loves you to wear. The surprise can be very cost-effective, especially if there’s no charge for the babysitter.


Favorite Meal

An especially good option for the husband who has been away from home for awhile, cook his favorite appetizer, entree and dessert and, if possible, have it ready as a surprise for when he arrives.

For those who aren’t skilled in the kitchen, you can still put in just as much love and effort picking up his favorite foods from restaurants and bakeries. You can also find a particular snack or food that he rarely has and is difficult to acquire.


Electronics Purchase

For the husband who loves electronic gadgets, surprise him with one when he comes home. For example, if he’s been constantly saying he wants a larger television, order it and have it delivered when he’s out of the house.

Set it up yourself, or have someone else do it, so when he arrives you can pretend it’s not even there and wait for his reaction of complete surprise.


Tickets For a Guys’ Night Out

If there is an event your husband has been wanting to go to with his guy friends, get tickets for them. Talk it over with his friends first so they don’t also get the tickets and make sure they keep it a secret.

One option is to surprise him by having his friends waiting and ready to go to the event when he arrives home; another option is to put the tickets in an envelope with his name written on it and put it where he can easily find it, such as taped to the bathroom mirror.


Last-Minute Trip

This can be tricky to pull off, so it’s vital he doesn’t have any work or plans before you book the trip. If planning a complete surprise is too risky because he may already have obligations, tell him at least four days in advance that you have a surprise for him for the upcoming weekend and he needs to make sure he won’t have plans.

Whether flying or driving, choose a location, such as a resort, inn or casino, that is within a few hours of driving or flying distance so you can get back and forth within a few days and neither of you has to take off work.


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