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Ideas on How to Tell Family the Gender of Your Baby

Revealing the gender of a baby is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. Instead of just calling family members to tell them the news, why not be creative and make a lasting memory out of this occasion.


Use Food to Announce the Gender

Invite family members over for dinner. For dessert, serve a two-layer cake that is covered in white frosting. Write “Is it a boy or girl?” on the top. Color the inside frosting in either blue or pink. When you cut into the cake to serve it, your family will find out the sex of the baby by seeing the colored frosting inside. You can also make cupcakes with both blue and pink frosting. Put them all on one tray. When it’s time for dessert, only serve the cupcakes that are the color related to the baby’s sex.


Gender of Your Baby


Copy the Ultrasound Picture

Make copies of the ultrasound picture. Purchase small frames for the pictures. Write the baby’s name on pink or blue paper and glue the paper to the bottom or the frame. You can also glue a pink or blue bow to the upper corner of the frame. Wrap the pictures and distribute to family.


Allow an Older Sibling Announce to the News

There are several ways an older sibling can reveal whether she is having a baby brother or sister. Purchase a blue or pink t-shirt for the older child. Use fabric paint or permanent markers to write, “I’m having a little sister” on the shirt. Children can also draw pictures of blue hearts or flowers and present them to family members. Have the child tell the family member she made the picture to hang in her baby brother’s bedroom.


Take a Belly Shot

If your family members do not live nearby, use text messages or email to reveal the gender of your baby. Purchase a large blue or pink bow. Lift your shirt to reveal your “baby bump” and place the bow above your belly button. Have your significant other take a photo and text or email it to family members. If you cannot find a large bow, you can also use a blue or pink washable marker and write “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” on your belly.


Give a Gender-Specific Gift

Purchase an outfit for the baby and wrap it. Present the gift to family members. Instead of an outfit, you can also wrap a toy car or a baby doll.


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