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Ideas on How to Have a Romantic Night at Home

The basis of every romantic evening is giving yourselves the gift of spending time together. Too often, responsibilities have lovers running a rat race each day, with no time left over for each other.

Start by setting aside a block of several uninterrupted hours, and then make sure the children—if you have any—are spending the night with friends or a relative.


Romantic Night at Home

Issue a Formal Invitation

Even if you both already know that Friday night is your night, you can add a dash of anticipation by reminding her days ahead of time. Slip a note into her purse, have a single flower delivered to her at work saying that you’re looking forward to your night together, or actually mail her a real invitation to spend some romantic time alone with you.


Surprise Him

Surprising him with a romantic night can end in disaster and result in hurt feelings if he’s stressed from work and distracted. Don’t spring it on him unannounced. You can surprise him in other ways. When he comes home on the appointed evening, greet him wearing something he loves on you but you rarely bother with anymore.

Other surprises might include meeting him at the door with his beverage of choice and a whispered promise that the evening will end with one of his long-cherished fantasies.


Change the Status Quo

If your special evening includes dinner, change things up and serve it somewhere other than the table or wherever you eat all those other nights. You can have a picnic on the floor in front of the fireplace, outside in the back yard, or even in bed.

The exact location is not as important as moving the meal to a place where it is not in danger of becoming just another dinner in a long line of those the two of you have shared.



Don’t be cheap about your evening, even if it means that you have to start pinching pennies and saving up weeks in advance.

Buy a quality bottle of wine or champagne. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to roll up your sleeves in the kitchen and create a meal of your own, order in from her favorite restaurant, preferably one that the two of you usually reserve for special occasions. Many restaurants will package your order so you can pick it up ahead of time, with instructions as to how to best warm it up when it’s time to eat.


Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Staring into each other’s eyes is a good start to the evening, but at some point, you might want to introduce something more. If you still have any old valentines or notes he gave you back when you first got together, bring them out and share them all over again.

Or pop an old movie in the DVD player, maybe the first one you ever saw together.


Play Games

Turn off the cell phones and take the landline off the hook, and then play some grownup games together. If you’re not comfortable buying one at an adult store, make up one of your own.

You can each write down several things you’d like the other to do, ranging from silly to sensuous, and then pluck them one by one out of a hat and take it from there. Even a scavenger hunt will do, especially if it ultimately leads your loved one into the bedroom.


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