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Ideas for Belly Pictures

The days of muumuu-covered bellies are behind us. Showing off your baby bump is a trend that has surged. Whether you are taking at-home pictures or hiring a photographer, you will want to capture images of your ever-expanding waistline so you can remember all the joys of being pregnant.

Take lots of photos to celebrate your growth; keep them exciting with interesting belly picture poses.

Ideas for Belly Pictures


Gender and Name Announcement

If you are the type who can’t wait to tell others the gender of your little one while it’s still in utero, get out your camera and set up a photo shoot to convey the message.

Tie a colored ribbon around your belly, pink for a girl or blue for a boy, or lie back on a sofa with colored baby booties resting on your tummy. Use image editing software to make the photo black and white and have just the ribbon or booties in color.


Belly Art

As your middle expands, it becomes the perfect canvas on which to create works of art for photos. Use non-toxic body paint to paint a jack-o-lantern on your belly to celebrate Halloween, an Easter egg to celebrate Easter, a snowman for winter or a watermelon to celebrate summer.

Use natural henna to create intricate temporary tattoos or have a detailed landscape or still life painted on your tummy. If you have older children, allow them to stamp their handprints on your belly or finger-paint their own creations. Capture the process, as well as the final product, on film.


Relationship Photos

Celebrate family relationships with photos that revolve around your pregnant belly. Take a closeup photo of your belly with all of your family’s hands caressing it or snap an image of your hands formed in the shape of a heart over your belly button. A sibling kissing the baby bump is a great photo op. If you are large enough for your kids to play peek-a-boo from behind your bump, the moment they pop their heads up is the perfect opportunity to snap a pic.


A Different Perspective

Keep your photo compositions interesting by snapping pics from strange angles and perspectives. Take your camera and shoot your belly from your perspective; can you still see your feet when you are standing up or can you see the TV when you lie in bed? Have someone else take a photo of you from below your belly. Peek over just as they are capturing the image.


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