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Iconic Australian Tourist Attractions

As an Australian tourist commercial once said, we’re here, where the bloody hell are you? Not the most subtle advertising ploy, but very true! Why haven’t you been to Australia, we are waiting to be discovered Coming to Australia on holiday? Then here are five things that you just must see.

1 1. Great Barrier Reef

1. Great Barrier Reef

By far the biggest coral reef in the world (the second longest is off the coast of


2 2. Sydney Harbour

2. Sydney Harbour

Home of the famous


3 3. Tasmania

3. Tasmania

The smallest state in Australia and often forgotten due to its location off the south coast, Tasmania is home to Australia’s colonial heritage as well as being the habitat of such unique animals as the


4 4. Ayers Rock

4. Ayers Rock

Known to aboriginal Australians as Uluru, it is a spectacular sandstone rock located 200 miles SW of the town of Alice Springs. It is most famous for its ability to change color according to the time of day and the lighting and weather conditions.

With evidence of human settlement dating back over 10,000 years, Uluru/Ayers Rock is the historic, indigenous, cultural heart of Australia.


5 5. Kakadu National Park

5. Kakadu National Park

With more aboriginal art than anywhere else in Australia, Kakadu is also the largest National Park which contains over sixty Australian mammals as well as predatory salt water crocodiles.

Also loved by ornithologists the world over, thanks to the diversity of the more than 290 bird species that call the park home. Kakadu can be found in the NE corner of the Northern Territory and is easily accessible from Darwin.



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