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HR Software Information

Human Resources software is a necessary component for maintaining records for any HR department.

From applicant tracking and performance appraisals to payroll, HR software is an important tool for keeping track of the assortment of components necessary to effectively run an HR department.


HR Software Information


Applicant Tracking

This type of software allows employers to maintain paperless records of information supplied by job applicants and matching applicants to job openings.

Many applicant tracking programs will provide the option to scan resumes, view applicant profiles, schedule interviews and generate Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) compliance reports.


Benefits Administration

There are several HR software companies that have applications that will assist the HR professional in the administration of the company’s benefits program.

Some of the software companies offer partnerships with the company to administer employee benefits while others offer to provide the company with off-site benefits administration.



Payroll is an important aspect of HR software. Whether the actual payroll is handled by the company or off-site through a payroll service provider, it is necessary for the employer to maintain accurate records of the employee’s time worked.

Payroll software provides check-writing services and direct deposits based on employer records of an employee’s time worked. There are separate programs designed to specifically track only employee time and attendance.

Time and attendance programs work hand-in-hand with either on-site or off-site payroll systems by keeping accurate records of hours worked. The use of a time and attendance system can reduce payroll-specific errors and provide documentation of violations of company attendance policies.


Assessment Tools

Employee assessment is not limited to just how well employees perform their job or whether their attendance or punctuality is standard or substandard.

It also helps the employer determine the suitability of employees as possible candidates for other positions within the organization.


Examples of HR Software

Examples of HR software packages that are available include.



Designed for small businesses, includes common HR tasks and includes vacation tracking and attendance records and is compatible with QuickBooks.



Focuses on small to mid-sized businesses and is Web-based. It provides HR management tools along with payroll and benefits administration.


PeopleTrak HRIS

Claims compatibility with a variety of databases, including Oracle, MS Access, MSDE and SQL server.


Cyborg Software

Now known as Accero, has provided HR management solutions for more than 30 years and boasts state-of-the art technology and enterprise-class features.


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