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How to Write Business Letters & Memos

Creating a business letter and memo is essential to projecting an image of professionalism and experience. There is a certain expectation of language and form in a business document that will communicate a message effectively.

By following a few guidelines that dictate style and content, you can ensure a document is ready for circulation.


7 Steps to Write Business Letters

Write Business Letters


1. Print on letterhead, if available.

If not, create a header in the document on which you are working. It doesn’t have to be graphic heavy, but should at least give the business name, address, and contact information.


2. Include the date near the top of the letter, traditionally on the right side.


3. Start by including the full name and address of the letter’s intended recipient.

Include full titles (e.g., Dr. Rick Applewood) to be respectful.


4. Use the recipient’s title and last name for the salutation.

It’s important to be accurate in this area as some may be confused (or offended) if the wrong title is used. For a woman recipient, check if she goes by Ms. or Mrs. End the salutation with a colon.


5. Use justified alignment for the body of the letter.


6. End the letter with a closing phrase or word.

Most commonly used is “sincerely,” although others may fit as well.


7. Sign the letter above the typed printing of your name by hand.



5 Steps to Write Business Memo

Write Business Memo


1. Print on letterhead if possible, or create your company header in the document.


2. Include your company name, date of memo, and address in the upper right hand corner.


3. At the top of the letter print the intended recipients, followed by the sender of the memo on the next line, and finally the subject of the memo.


4. Be concise with the body of the memo.

The average memo will be between one and two pages.


5. Print the names of any attachments the will be included with the memo.

Explain in the body of the letter the importance of these attachments.


Tips & Warnings
Business letters and memos should be single spaced.


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