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How to Write a Proper Business Email

Communication in the workplace is essential, and email makes communication simple. Most people use business emails regularly in their jobs while some people depend on this source of communication every day.

Emails that are sloppily composed, overly long, or disorganized can slow down an otherwise productive conversation and put the credibility of a job in question. By knowing how to craft an appropriate business email, workers can receive instructions and communication goals with minimal hassle and time expenditure.


7 Steps to Write a Proper Business Email

Proper Business Email


1. Address the recipient appropriately as you would in person.

Do not address your boss by her first name if she has not previously approved your doing so.


2. State the purpose of the email in one sentence.

This alerts the reader as to what to expect through the rest of the email and allows them to judge the importance of the message without reading all of it.


3. Using short paragraphs, explain your message.

Do not get into minute details unless the purpose of the email is to clarify those details; instead, depend on the major ideas and keep them short.


4. Speak at a level that the recipient will understand.

If you are in charge of repairing computers while your recipient can barely type, do not use technical jargon.


5. Attach a signature block including your name, title, company, address, phone number, fax, email, website or any other contact information you use regularly.

Many email programs will automatically attach this section.


6. Choose a subject line that gets to the purpose of the email in very few words.

If the email is extremely important or time-sensitive, make a note of that in the subject line so that the recipient will notice it while skimming his inbox.


7. Add attachments if necessary.

It is extremely unprofessional to send another email saying that you forgot the attachment, so double-check if you promised to send something.


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