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How to Write a Letter to a Baby Before Birth

Having a baby is a wonderful, magical time and throughout the course of your pregnancy you will experience all different kinds of emotions. It is beneficial to express those feelings to your unborn child.

Writing a letter to your baby before they are born will not only be a therapeutic experience for you but it will also give your child a meaningful keepsake that they can read when they grow up and treasure forever.


Things You’ll Need

  • Computer
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Envelope
  • Journal


5 Steps to Write a Letter to a Baby Before Birth

Letter to a Baby Before Birth

1. Start as early as you can in your pregnancy.

When you are ready, find a quiet spot where you can sit with your computer. Arrange yourself in a room, outside in your yard or at the park. Put on some soft music to allow you to connect to your emotions and inspire the words to flow. Tell your child how you felt when you found out that you were pregnant and what the experience has meant to you so far.


2. Type the letter out on basic software.

There’s no limit to how much you can write. Write for as long as it takes to tell your baby everything you want them to know about what you are experiencing in your pregnancy. What have you been doing to prepare for his or her arrival. Are you nervous, scared or anxious? Communicate these feelings, it will help you work through them — especially if you’ve had a difficult pregnancy or you experienced trouble trying to conceive.


3. Don’t limit yourself in talking only about your pregnancy.

Give your child a personal glimpse into your view of the world and what your life has been like. What advice would you give to your child? What lessons have you learned that would you like to pass on?


4. Tell your baby what your dreams are for their future and what you are envisioning their life will be like.

When you are finished, read it over again. Did you leave anything out? If you forgot something or there’s something that you are not sure should be included, review it from your child’s perspective. How old will they be when you give it to them? Will they be able to appreciate it the way you have written it. Make any changes and don’t forget to save it and back it up in another program.


5. Transfer the letter over to a nice piece of stationery.

Take your time in doing this to make sure your handwriting is legible, it doesn’t have to be perfect but you’ll want it to be easy to read. Fold and seal it in an envelope and place it in a memory box to keep it safe until you are ready to give it to your child.


Tips and Warnings

  • Write from your soul.
  • If you enjoy writing, take it one step further and write a letter every year or start a journal of your pregnancy for your baby and continue it after they are born.
  • Give yourself enough time to complete the letter or, if you have to, take a break and come back to it later.
  • Don’t edit yourself when you are typing on your computer. You can always take anything out that you don’t want to include later.


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