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How to Win Back Their Trust After You’ve Cheated

So you went over the line, and hurt the person they thought you loved. You want to make mends, but your not sure how.

Here are some tips on how you can do it.


4 Steps to Win Back Their Trust After You’ve Cheated

Trust After You've Cheated

1. Realize That What You Did was Very Wrong

It wasn’t just a one time thing, or a 50 time thing to the person you love. It was a quick ending to their dreams. They are hurt and confused. Your going to need to give them time.

If you truly want it to work, you need to realize you were wrong, and they need time to heal and hopefully one day trust.


2. Trust Doesn’t Happen Overnight

When someone has been burned so badly, they will need time to heal. They become sick in the head with jealousy, and fear. You need to be patient with them. They will be suspicious of your every move.

A lot of love and reassurance is very needed at this point. You may get extremely angry that their jealousy is lasting “too” long, but you need to realize they need to feel secure.


3. Security!

Make your partner feel secure in the relationship. Make them feel they are the only one in the world. Don’t even go NEAR the forbidden line. Don’t go out of your way to speak to the opposite sex, don’t sit on the computer chatting with people, sending emails etc.

Give your partner free reign of everything you have. Allow them to cure the sickness they are feeling with the jealousy and fear. If they don’t feel security in the relationship, they will continue to hound you, haunt you, and stalk you.


4. Have Patience!

What you did is VERY wrong. As aggravating as the person may become, just allow them to do what they need to everyone has different ways of dealing with the issues. Help them to handle it the way they feel fit. Your lucky to be given another try, so help don’t hinder.


Tips & Warnings

  • Lots of time and patience is needed.
  • Remember they are the victim, not you.


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How to Win Back Their Trust After You've Cheated


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