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How to Wear Regular Jeans While Pregnant

The problem many women have with maternity clothes is that it’s tough to find something that fits perfectly. Because of that, almost all pregnant women wish at one time or another that they could just wear their own clothes.

During the first and often the second trimester, you might be able to shimmy into your own jeans if you make a few alterations first. The bad news is that by your third trimester, you probably have to face facts that maternity jeans are in your future for the next several weeks.


Things You’ll Need

  • Rubberband
  • Belly band
  • Pre-maternity clothes


5 Steps to Wear Regular Jeans While Pregnant

Jeans While Pregnant


1. Use a rubberband on the button of your jeans to hold them closed.

When you’ve gained enough weight that your jeans won’t button, wrap a rubberband around the button, thread it through the button hole and then wrap it around the button again. Depending on the size of rubberband you use, you can add two or three inches to the waistband of your jeans so you can still wear them for a few more weeks.


2. Wear your low-rise jeans.

Low-rise jeans are designed to sit low on your hips without falling down. Because they sit this low, you can situate them under your growing belly.


3. Use a belly band.

These are wide elastic bands that you wear over your regular clothes. They work by creating a tight hold so you can wear your normal jeans unbuttoned, and possibly unzipped, without worrying about them falling down or exposing your body. They are available at most maternity clothes stores and many stores that sell baby gear keep them in stock, too.


4. Wear your regular jeans unbuttoned and unzipped with a top made specifically for women who are in between regular clothes and maternity clothes.

These stretchy tops are available at maternity clothes stores and work like a belly band to keep your regular jeans in place so they don’t fall down.


5. Purchase a pair of jeans in a size or two larger than you normally wear.

This will allow you to wear regular jeans that accommodate your growing belly. Look for jeans that are made from stretch material because they are a bit more forgiving as you continue to gain weight. You might consider trying to wear your partner’s jeans, too, though they won’t fit the same way that women’s jeans do.


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