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How to Wear Maternity Pants

From the time that little belly pooch becomes prominent, there’s no point in struggling anymore with your old pants. That little angel growing inside of you needs to spread out, and you’ll just have to do your first duty of motherhood and make some room. You don’t have to resort to sweat pants and your husband’s overalls for the next few months. Maternity pants are designed with your size, shape and style in mind so that no matter how you feel over the next few months, you will look fabulous.


Things You’ll Need

  • Tape measure


7 Steps to Wear Maternity Pants

Maternity Pants

1. Shop on an as-needed basis.

You may gain more weight than expected, or less — don’t guess too far ahead of time or you may end up wasting money. When one pair of pants is still comfortable yet is getting snug, it’s time to head to the maternity store for something new to replace it.


2. Banish the ideas from your head about what a pregnant woman is supposed to wear.

Maternity clothes come in a wide variety of styles, and you’ll be much more comfortable if you stick to the same type of pants you would choose when you’re not pregnant. Whether you prefer jeans or leggings, simple black or colorful prints, baggy or form-fitting, go with it. You’re going to have enough discomfort as your baby grows; you don’t need to add to it by getting used to a new style.


3. Look for your regular size.

Size 8 regular pants are the same as size 8 maternity pants — the maternity pants are just cut fuller and created with extra space around the belly to accommodate the changes in your body. If you’re uncertain of your size, Kohl’s recommends you stand with your legs together and measure around the widest part of your hips, then consult a size chart.


4. Try on your pants in the store before purchasing them.

If you are purchasing pants online, check the return policy. Spend a few minutes moving around in a pair of pants, including walking and sitting, to ensure they are a comfortable fit, especially around the belly.


5. Select pants from your closet each day with the weather, as well as your own body cues, in mind.

Depending on hormonal activity, some pregnant women get warmer than usual, while others may get chills. Dress in heavier or lightweight fabrics according to how you feel.


6. Position your pants correctly.

Some maternity pants are designed with panels to go over the belly, some go up mid-way and stop just below the navel, while others are designed to sit under the belly. Place the panel properly for maximum comfort. If you’re using drawstring pants, pull them so they’re just snug enough to fit around the belly to stay up without cutting into you and becoming uncomfortable.


7. Discard pants if they become tight and uncomfortable.

Pregnancy is not a time you want to squeeze into your clothes — you and your baby need the breathing room. Most maternity pants are designed to stretch with you throughout your pregnancy, but don’t continue to wear them if they become constricting around your growing belly.



Tips and Warnings

  • See if friends and family who are not pregnant (and not planning to become pregnant anytime soon) can loan or give you their old maternity clothes.
  • Raid sales and shop for deals. Tvhere’s no point in paying top dollar for pants that you won’t be wearing for more than a couple of months.
  • Don’t just waste money on bigger non-maternity pants. While the belly might offer more room, so will the hips and thighs. Baggy is not necessarily comfortable.


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