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How to Use RU486 Safely

Women with unwanted pregnancies often have difficulty obtaining an abortion because clinics that offer surgical abortions are located far from their homes. Many of these clinics are also regularly picketed by anti-abortion activists that harass patients. However, the approval of RU486 allows any medical doctor to help a woman end a pregnancy without exposing her to the danger, expense and trauma of a surgical abortion.


5 Steps to Use RU486 Safely

RU486 Safely


1. Consult your doctor about using RU486.

Although it’s generally safer than a surgical abortion, there are some risks with RU486, so it’s important that your doctor examines you and determines whether it’s safe for you to take it.


2. Buy RU486 from a reputable pharmacy.

Like any drug bought through the mail or over the Internet, there is no guarantee that you will receive RU486 instead of another drug or a pill that contains no drug at all.


3. Go home and rest after taking RU486, and contact your doctor if you develop any problems.

Nausea, chills, vaginal bleeding, cramping, headache and dizziness are all normal side effects. Extremely heavy bleeding and severe cramping are not.


4. Avoid alcohol and drugs for two days and sexual intercourse for two weeks.

Don’t use tampons until your doctor tells you it’s safe to do so.


5. Return to your doctor when directed to make sure the abortion was complete and to receive prostaglandin to help your uterus contract.



Tips and Warnings

  • Aborting a fetus using RU486 is not only easier and safer than a surgical abortion, but it’s also more private. Your doctor is required by law to keep the procedure private, although in some states he is required to notify the parents of a minor.
  • RU486 may have benefits far beyond its use for medical abortion. It may help treat endometriosis and help prevent breast and ovarian cancer.
  • Some pharmacies allow their employees to refuse to dispense RU486 if they have a moral objection to abortion. Ask your doctor where you should get your prescription filled.
  • Although rare, death is possible after taking RU486. Do not use it to induce an abortion without consulting your doctor.


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