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How to Use Piyao in Feng Shui

The Piyao is a fierce mythical creature capable of destroying demons and evil spirits. In ancient China, the Piyao guarded the tombs of emperors. The Piyao has many functions such as to promote good luck and health, protection from evil spirits and overcoming people with evil intentions. Here are some ways to use the Piyao in Feng Shui for good luck.


7 Steps to Use Piyao in Feng Shui

Piyao in Feng Shui

1. Buy Piyao figurines to place in your home or business according to your needs.

Use it in business to attract clients and cash flow. Business managers can place it in the northwest direction on their desk to ensure authority.


2. Place a figurine on your desk at work or in your living room for overall good fortune and to counteract negative energy.

Use this figurine if you also experience a streak of bad luck.


3. Put lottery tickets under the Piyao for good luck in games of chances.


4. Display the figurine in a new home or if your renovating your home for protection and family health.


5. Dispel any negative effects of the annual Tai Sui/ Grand Duke Jupiter or the influences of “yellow star” and “black star” by placing the Piyao in the affected sector (direction).

In Flying Star Feng Shui, these are killing energies. Note that you need to calculate these directions or sectors using Feng Shui instructions.


6. Use a pair of these figurines with their heads facing the front door of your home if it’s location is at a T or Y junction to dispel the bad energy (sha) of the location.


7. Wear a Piyao ring for constant protection against negative energy or bad luck.



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