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How to Use Hypnosis During Childbirth

Hypnosis during childbirth is a popular choice for many people who are aiming for a natural childbirth or who are trying to wait as long as possible before getting the epidural.

People who use hypnosis induce a relaxed state that, in theory, leads to less tension and then to less pain during childbirth. There are many ways you can use hypnosis during childbirth.


3 Steps to Use Hypnosis During Childbirth

Hypnosis During Childbirth


1. Take a Hypnobirthing or a Hypbirth course.

During a Hypnobirthing or Hypbirth course, couples learn how to use hypnosis to completely relax during childbirth. The hypnosis is tailored to helping women give birth, not just to general hypnosis. Many couples who take a Hypnobirthing course report a pain-free birth.


2. Get a hypnosis CD.

Listen to this CD at least once a day so you learn how to relax your body. Then during your labor, put the CD on. Listening to it should help you relax during childbirth. Remember, this method does not work if the first time you listen to your CD is during labor.


3. Have your partner or birthing companion hypnotize you using hypnosis scripts.

Again, you need to practice this many times for it to work effectively during labor. Some couples report that a laboring woman is more responsive to her partner’s voice than a recorded voice and relaxes more fully during childbirth.


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