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How to Use Art with Guided Imagery

Art therapy is the combination of art and psychology, and encourages coping and expression of issues through artistic means. Guided imagery is a perfect inspiration for artists and those using art as therapy, because it can help you tap into your own subconscious through challenging and symbolic stories.

Whatever your media — crayons, markers, paints or pencil and paper — using guided imagery can help decrease stress and refocus a person during times of chaos. As an art therapist, I often used guided stories with my clients and for my own self growth. Here are a few stories to inspire you to pick up a pencil or paintbrush and get creative.


Things You’ll Need

  • Art media of your choice; paints, markers, colored pencils or crayons.
  • Paper
  • A quiet space
  • Work table or tablet


How to Use Art with Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery

1. Gather your art materials and read over the following guided stories.


2. Close your eyes and think about the story you have selected.


3. Take a deep breath and begin creating without self-censoring or criticizing your work.


4. Once the image is complete, consider what your drawing says to you and what questions it may answer.


5. A tortoise shell reflects the beauty of nature, as well as an image of the life of the soul beneath it.

If a tortoise has had struggle and hardship, it will show on his shell. If he has been happy and safe, that will also show. If you have a shell, what would it look like?


6. You are confronted by a hall of doors.

Each door is more magnificent than the one before it. One door has your name on it. What does the door look like?


7. You find yourself in an open field under a full moon.

Everything around you is colored by the midnight darkness. Suddenly a shower of lights falls around you, and you are in the middle of a field of falling stars. You are unhurt, but mesmerized. What do you see?


8. You are an anchor.

To what are you tied? What do you look like?


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