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How to Use a Left Side Lying Comfort Position in Labor

Lying comfort positions in labor are generally a welcomed suggestion. Moms in labor get tired of standing, squatting, or kneeling during their contractions. Although lying down isn’t usually the best position in labor, it is one of the more relaxing positions to try.

Lying on the left side in labor does have a few benefits too: maximum oxygen for the baby, great position to slow down a fast labor and a relaxing position for mom when she needs a rest.


How to Use a Left Side Lying Comfort Position in Labor

Left Side Lying Comfort Position


1. Lie on your left side.

Your two legs should be straight with your right leg on top of your left leg. This position is known as stacked.


2. Bend your right knee up so that your right knee is even with your waist.


3. Lie your right leg on the floor with the knee still bent.

This will put you in a jack-knife position.


4. Stay like this for a minimum of 10 minutes to give the body a nice rest.


5. To get out of this position, lift the right leg up off the floor and straighten the knee out.

Put your right leg on top of your left leg.


6. Push your upper body off the floor with your hands until you are sitting.


7. Turn over to your hands and knees and then rock back until you are just on your knees.


8. Put one foot on the floor and use your hands to push off that knee and stand up the rest of the way.


Tips and Warnings

  • This position is great to slow a fast moving labor and delivery
  • It gives the baby the maximum amount of oxygen from the mother
  • It helps the baby navigate through the pelvis


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