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How to Use A Back-to-Front Standing Comfort Position in Labor

Standing comfort positions in labor are essential for good movement, laboring, and positioning of the baby. Many women really love standing positions because it allows them to freely rock their hips and use gravity to their advantage.

This gravity works by assisting with the descent of the baby. It’s also a great position for circulation if you’ve been lying or sitting too long.


5 Steps to Use A Back-to-Front Standing Comfort Position in Labor

Comfort Position in Labo


1. You and your partner should stand with his front to your back.


2. Slowly lean back into your partner.

You should allow all of your weight to be placed on him. The idea is to totally relax against him. Put your head on his shoulder (if you are equally tall or taller), or on his chest (if you are a bit shorter).


3. Your partner can either wrap his arms around you or place them underneath your belly for extra support.


4. Use breathing techniques or other coping mechanisms through contractions.

Since your partner is so close to you, this is also a great position for him to coach you using positive phrases and loving words.


5. If it feels good, you and your partner can do a slow swaying motion or just stand still.

Do whatever feels best.


Tips and Warnings

  • The partner may want to stand with one leg in front of the other as a better support position.
  • Make sure your partner is steady before you lean back.

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