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How to Unsubscribe From Yahoo Personals

Yahoo personals is an offshoot of Yahoo.com. It is an interactive dating site where you can input information about yourself as well as upload photos. If you pay for a subscription, you can begin to talk with others on the site. If you don’t pay, you can send free pre-written messages to others on the site.

The site caters to both heterosexual and homosexual individuals. The site is not necessarily intended to match soul mates, but it can happen. The subscribers are mostly in their twenties and thirties, and looking to meet someone to hang out with and develop friendships.


Things You’ll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access


5 Steps to Unsubscribe From Yahoo Personals

Yahoo Personals


1. Log in to the Yahoo personals website.


2. Go to billing.yahoo.com.


3. Click on the “Manager Service” link.


4. Click “Cancel Service.”


5. Answer the questions that come up on your screen and click “Continue to Cancel.”



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