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How to Understand Flight Insurance

Flight insurance covers you for accidental death and injuries resulting from an accident or crash of an airplane while traveling. You need to take adequate steps to protect yourself and your family through insurance coverage in such a scenario.

Here are some steps that can help you understand flight insurance.


11 Steps to Understand Flight Insurance

How to Understand Flight Insurance


1. Understand the basics of flight insurance.

Typically, it is considered a life insurance policy that covers you when you’re on the airplane. In the event of a plane crash or accident, if you have flight insurance, it will act as a life insurance policy.


2. Determine whether your flight is eligible for flight insurance.

If you are on a chartered aircraft, you may not be eligible for flight insurance. The policy covers you while you are a passenger, during boarding or when alighting from a certified passenger aircraft.


3. Understand that if the pilot of your aircraft is not properly certified, you may not be eligible for flight insurance.

Most flight insurance policies state that the flight must be provided by a regularly scheduled airline operated by a properly certified pilot.


4. Research flight insurance to understand the process of getting flight insurance and provide insight to the intricacies of such a policy.

Start by searching online and get multiple quotes. Select the company that provides you the best combination of policy cost and coverage.


5. Contact the selected company online to get instant insurance coverage, if you have decided that you need flight insurance.

If you are simply interested in learning more about flight insurance, call a company representative or an agent to provide more information.


6. Find out what information and documents are needed to obtain a policy.

Usually, the insurance company will require the name(s) to be included in the policy, airline’s name, date of departure and arrival and/or return flight.


7. Ask the insurance company or agent how you will receive confirmation about approval of your policy.

Some companies send a confirmation email. You can also ask the company to send a copy of confirmation to the beneficiary.


8. Research different plans.

If you or your family are frequent travelers, the best option is to buy an annual multi-trip policy. This can save you money on premium charges.


9. Educate yourself about the coverage clauses.

For example, the full-face amount of the policy is payable in the event of loss of life or loss of two limbs or both eyes.


10. Inquire about the areas of coverage.

Flight insurance is generally supposed to protect a passenger against non-refundable flight costs including trip cancellation and interruption, medical expenses, baggage and personal belongings, baggage delay, travel delay and emergency evacuation.


11.Find out whether your flight insurance will provide coverage if you are traveling to high risk countries, such as those in war or natural disasters.


Tips and Warnings

  • Some credit cards offer limited flight or travel insurance benefits (emergency evacuation to an appropriate medical facility or baggage delay) when the tickets are charged on the card. Clarify coverage in advance.
  • Flight insurance is highly beneficial to your dependents.


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