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How to Touch a Woman

Figuring out how to touch a woman that is grieving can be a pretty challenging task. Since all people grieve in different ways, all women are not the same when it comes to how much they want to be held and touched.

By following her cues, you can figure out how to comfort your wife or girlfriend with her grief just by your physical presence alone. She needs your caress more than ever now, so all you have to do is be ready with open arms.


Romantic Ways to Touch a Woman

How to Touch a Woman


Hold her Hand

No matter where you are together, the feel of your hand covering hers will be a source of comfort. Your wife or girlfriend will know, without a word, that you are there to help her in whatever she needs.

Sometimes it will be all she needs to gather the strength to get through he grief she is experiencing at that moment.


Stroke her Hair

When she is lying her head on your shoulder, stroke her hair from the top of her head down. This is a classic mothering move, so it will translate as nurturing to her.


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Give her Mini Massages Throughout the Day

When trying to figure out how to touch a woman that is grieving, relieving the building muscles tension can help your wife or girlfriend through her grief the most.

With funeral preparations, death calls and other tasks that must be completed; it may be hard for her to lie down and rest at all at first.

Massaging her neck and shoulders while she is on the phone, rubbing her feet when she is waiting for others or even just lightly stroking the muscles of her hands can give her some tension relief.


Give her a Full Body Massage at Night

If she is not too tired after her long days; massaging her whole body to relieve the muscle tension can help her get a better and longer night’s sleep. When figuring out how to touch a woman that is grieving; start with non-sexual massages at first, concentrating on just working out all the knots and kinks in her over-stressed body.


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Make Love to Her if She’ll Let You

Sometimes, all your wife or girlfriend may want is to feel as close to you as she can or she may even need to feel some physical pleasure to help block out her emotional pain or a little while. No matter what the case, making love to her may just be the thing that she needs.

Follow her cues on this one, gentle loving where she can feel cherished may be the way to go or she may even start vigorous more active sex herself to release some of her pent up emotions.

Either way, let her body language guide you. If she is not in the mood, skip to step six. All women are different and your wife or girlfriend may just want to be held at night.


Hold Her Through the Rest of the Night if She Needs Talk

Have a box of tissues ready and let her vent to you about everything she needs to get off her chest.

When trying to figure out how to touch a woman that is grieving, just make sure that you are ready with open arms.


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How to Touch a Woman


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