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How to Tickle the Body

Tickling is a playful way to be intimate with your significant other. While tickling may be a natural talent for some of us, you might find a little lesson in tickling to be a helpful tool for those of us who just can’t seem to get it right.


Things You’ll Need

  • Fingers
  • Feathers

How to Tickle the Body

How to Tickle the Body

Set a Playful Mood

People who are not in a playful mood to begin with might be hard to tickle. Of course a little tickling has been known to change a mood to playful very quickly. Joke around, have light conversation, and just get ready to have some fun.


Tickle the Body with a Feather

A feather is one of the best tickling tools known to man. The feather has the perfect amount of lightness and delicateness that makes our skin laugh with delight. Simply take a feather and lightly drag it across any part of the skin. The feather is for a light tickle that really just feels good and might get a few giggles in the process.


Tickle with your Fingers

Lightly walk your fingers across the skin. Walk your fingers across the back of the shoulders, neck area, arms, feet or legs. A light walking of the fingers will give a great tickling sensation.


Drag your Fingernails Across the Skin

Lightly dragging your fingernails across your lover’s skin will give a delightful tickle similar to that of the feather. Dragging your fingernails lightly across the skin can give a chilled sensation as well.


Give a Little Squeeze

Squeezing certain parts of the body is a great way to tickle. A little squeeze, or pinch, with your thumb and forefinger to the neck, buttocks, side, or knees can set off a delirious fit of laughter. Be careful not to squeeze so hard as to cause pain.


Tips & Warnings
Stop tickling when your partner says so. To continue tickling past the point of fun will ruin future tickling opportunities as they will no longer be associated with pleasure.


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