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How to Tell If Your Relationship Is Troubled

This article will give you tips and signs on how to tell if your relationship is in trouble.


Things You’ll Need

  • Intuition
  • Understanding
  • Communication


5 Steps to Tell If Your Relationship Is Troubled

Relationship Is Troubled

1. Do you find yourself fighting with your partner over the littlest things on a constant basis?

This may be a bad sign that your relationship is not getting better.


2. While in your relationship, do you ever consider looking outside your relationship for affection or support from someone else?

This may be a sign that you are about to cheat and this may mean you don’t need to be in a relationship.


3. Do you find that there is no intimacy in your relationship.

Do you and your partner do things like sleep in different rooms, or carry hostility towards each other so much that it is impossible to be intimate with one another? This may be a sign that your relationship is in trouble.


4. Do you spend very little time with your partner and seek the comforts of your friends more than your significant other?

This may mean that the two of you are growing apart.


5. If you have feelings of hopelessness or don’t see any point in continuing the relationship then it’s time to move on.


Tips and Warnings

  • These tips don’t automatically mean your relationship won’t go anywhere or is over.
  • You should consider seeking counseling and working on your relationship with communication and love.


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