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How to Tell if a Woman Is Pregnant

Outside of a protruding abdomen and expanding uterus, a dead giveaway for determining if a woman is pregnant is the positive indication on a home pregnancy test that detects the hormone hCG. Besides a plus sign or double lines from a urine test taken in the privacy of a home bathroom, there are other physical hints that will help tell you if a woman is pregnant.


Woman Is Pregnant



The cessation of menstruation or missed periods is one of the earliest signs a woman is pregnant, since the egg, which descends during the menstrual cycle, has been fertilized.



A woman’s breasts enlarge, becoming more sensitive and tender during the early stages of gestation. This can continue for the duration of her pregnancy.



Sentiments of exhaustion can leave an expecting lady cleared out and prepared for naptime at the most troublesome occasions of day.



Numerous bathroom breaks due to frequent urination both in the first and third trimester are common occurrences in a woman’s pregnancy.



Nausea–caused by smells, tastes or seemingly no concrete reason–overtakes many pregnant women in their first trimester.



“Morning sickness”–nausea due to pregnancy–is for many not limited to mere mornings or particular trimesters, and can occur at any time of day.


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