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How to Tell a Guy You are Pregnant

Pregnancy can be an exciting and exhilarating time in your life. Sharing the news with your partner will be a memorable moment. It can be tempting to spread the news at the earliest possible moment, or you may wish to set the tone for the occasion.

The way you break this enormous news of your pregnancy to your partner will create a lasting memory; you can choose to make it a sweet, romantic, or funny moment depending on how you approach the subject.


Ways to Tell a Guy You are Pregnant

Tell a Guy You are Pregnant


Gift your partner with a baby item. This item can reflect your personalities or hobbies, such as a toy guitar for a musician. If you are planning to break the news near a holiday, use holiday themed wrapping paper so that the surprise is truly unexpected.

Personalize a baby book. Choose a blank baby journal and place a photo of your positive pregnancy test on the first page. Present the book to your partner.

Break the news straight away. You can show your partner your test results in person, or by photo if your partner is away. You can also save your photo for use in a baby book or pregnancy journal.

Be honest. If the pregnancy is a source of stress, such as an unplanned pregnancy or one that is occurring during tough times, an honest and straightforward approach is best. Giving your partner a chance to process the momentous news may be best in this situation, and once this has happened, you can discuss your options as a couple.


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