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How to Tease Your Lover

After partners have been together for a long time, it can be hard to keep the fire burning. Teasing is a good way to play with a partner. After all, we all want what we can’t have, even if we know it’s make believe.

Here’s how to tease your lover and his or her attention to the benefit of both you and your partner.


5 Steps to Tease Your Lover

How to Tease Your Lover


1. Perform a striptease, during which your partner is allowed only to look and not touch.

This can sometimes be a little awkward, but remember that your partner thinks you are more attractive than you do. Play a little soft music and move your body until your partner can’t resist you any longer. Display all of the self-confidence and desire you can, and your partner will lose control.


2. Allow your partner to find you in a state of undress when he or she is not expecting it.

This can be even more exciting if you do so in a place and time when getting together is not an option. He or she will have to wait for you, and this will drive your lover crazy.


3. Think of a secret word and inform your partner that he will not succeed in his pursuit until he says it.

If you think of a really good word, this can take a long time. If you don’t want to tease your partner too much, try “the.” If you want to tease your partner a lot, try “pomegranate.”


4. Keep quiet and force your lover to communicate with you only through touch.

Your partner will want to simply tell you what he or she wants, but you can get both of your engines running by making your partner show you instead.


5. Give your partner romantic gifts he or she will not find until getting together with you isn’t an option.

Slip a love note into your partner’s lunch. After discovering it, your partner will spend the rest of his day thinking about what it will be like to finally make his way home to you.


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How to Tease Your Lover


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