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How to Teach Teens Dating Etiquette

Most adolescents are not the most refined and refined individuals on the planet. They must be trained and educated in aspects of social interaction that many adults consider common sense. In dating relationships, good manners and polite behavior do not come naturally. These customs and courtesies must be learned, and the earlier the better. There are books and magazines that have suggestions for proper conduct on a date. While some of the traditions are overlooked today, their value is timeless.


5 Steps to Teach Teens Dating Etiquette

Teens Dating Etiquette

1. Model punctuality by showing up on time to appointments.

Modeling appropriate behaviors shows teens exactly what to do. Explain that punctuality instills trust and reliability. Being ready within 15 minutes of the scheduled time shows respect for both people in a relationship.


2. Build the art of conversation with your teen.

Talk regularly about subjects that are interesting to him. Being able to ask and answer interesting questions makes the dating experience more enjoyable. Knowing what kinds of questions to ask helps both people feel comfortable. Abstain from posing inquiries that are excessively close to home in nature. Do not spend too much time talking about yourself and your own past.


3. Encourage teens to dress conservatively.

Do not wear sagging pants. Avoid styles that are too attention getting. Dress serenely and fittingly such that shows regard for yourself and your date.


4. Demonstrate opening doors for the other person as a friendly and courteous gesture.

Traditionally, the male opens the door for the female, but do not be offended or surprised if the girl attempts such an act of courtesy in return.


5. Read books with your teen that teach how to have boundaries in expressing proper affection and attraction.

Help your high schooler set proper cutoff points in the sorts of contacting they are alright with at each phase of the relationship. Help them practice saying no when those limits are not respected.


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