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How to Talk To Your Newborn Baby

Interacting with your baby is one of the best parts of getting to know your infant and developing those strong bonds.

These days, talking to your baby goes way beyond “Goo Goo” and “Ga Ga.” It is always important to. Remember that if you talk and interact with your baby from early on, they will try to respond back to at an earlier age.

This is easy and can be a lot of fun.


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6 Steps to You Talk with a Newborn?

How to Talk To Your Newborn Baby

1. Choose the Words

Choose the words or phrases that you want to say to your baby every time you interact with them. Set the tone of your voice tone same level each time you repeat those words.


2. Eye Contact

Make direct eye contact and place your baby where they can see your mouth moving and look into your face.


3. Speak Slowly

Speak slowly and pronounce your words carefully.


4. Choose Powerful Words

Choose words that mean something to your baby like their name. Then move to words like “mommy”, “daddy” etc


5. Repeat Words

Repeat these words every time you talk to your baby and build your “baby” vocabulary each time you interact. Add in new words often.


6. Say New Words

If you are covering your baby with their blanket, say the words “Blanket” or “blankie” so that just by doing something that comes natural to you (i.e covering your baby when she is cold) you are introducing new words.


Tips and Warnings

  • Don’t feel silly talking to a baby that doesn’t seem to understand you. They are little sponges and they absorb every word you say.
  • Have fun and enjoy your little one, even though you are tired, force yourself to talk to them whenevery you can.


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How to Talk To Your Newborn Baby


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