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How to Take Off Lingerie

Each year many women and men shell out millions of dollars on lingerie. Sometimes it takes a genius to figure out how to put some of it on and often, taking it off is the partner’s job and normally couples make quick work of it.

Instead, get your money’s worth from the lingerie and learn to take it off the right way.


5 Steps to Take Off Lingerie

How to Take Off Lingerie


1. Let go of the fear.

Yes, it’s embarrassing to take off clothes in front of people, but this is your partner and the more you can focus on what you want that person to feel like, the less you will concentrate on how nervous you are.


2. Forget about your insecurities and flaws.

Your partner is clearly attracted to you, otherwise they wouldn’t be in the relationship. Think about your assets, play those up with the right choice of lingerie and linger on those areas a little longer when taking it all off.


3. Incorporate holidays, special occasions or props into the striptease.

Get your partner’s favorite candy or those innocent sweetheart candies with one or two word messages. Use them as a teaser by placing one in your partner’s mouth with your own mouth followed by a sensual kiss. Then lie down and place another on your underwear and ask your partner if they would like another piece of candy.


4. Unbutton, unzip or unfasten the lingerie from the bottom up.

This creates anticipation of what you almost reveal, but before taking it off, touch your own breasts and don’t let your partner in on any of the action. This will build even more anticipation and desire.


5. Swirl your hips in circular motions while slowly peeling down the bottoms.

Make sure to arch your back and swing your backside around for a full 360-degree view before the bottoms fall off and onto the floor.


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