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How to Swing Without Jealousy

The number of couples that openly swing is on the rise and many people say that the act of swinging can strengthen and prolong a happy marriage.

As is human nature though, jealousy can often come into play so avoid the pitfalls by preventing it in the first place.


5 Steps to Swing Without Jealousy

How to Swing Without Jealousy


1. Arrive together, stay close at all times and leave together.

Jealousy is most likely to occur if you can’t see your partner or know what they are doing. Staying close by each other at parties or house gatherings means you can always keep tabs on each other and check that everything is ok.


2. Keep open communication between you and your partner.

Feelings of jealousy or hurt will occur and grow when you don’t address them, so the only way that successful swinging will happen is when you are both open and honest with each other and voice all issues.


3. Stick to strangers and never swing with close friends or people you are likely to run into on a regular basis.

The situation is more likely to get out of control when you have a “relationship” with the other couple or person and this involves emotions and attachments. Complete strangers are without these kinds of ties and this makes them a much safer option.


4. Save special intimate gestures and “secret signs” for when you are with your partner only.

If you share a very meaningful or personal action with any of the other people you swing with, this can not only make the action less special but also lead to your partner feeling betrayed or like they have been replaced as your confidante.


5. Stay aware of your surroundings and your actions.

Drink alcohol but only in moderation and never get too involved or intoxicated that you don’t know what you are doing and may take risks or do things that you wouldn’t normally do.


Tips & Warnings
Remember that your partner is number one and their feelings should always be your priority.


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How to Swing Without Jealousy


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