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How to Survive the Last Week of Pregnancy

You’ve almost made it to the finish line of your pregnancy — and now you have to wait. At times, that last week can feel like it takes longer than the first 9 months did, and you may question how you’re going to survive those last days. Although you can’t speed up time or talk that little guy out of your belly, keeping busy and trying to stay as comfortable as possible is the way to make it through to the end.


Last Week of Pregnancy


Get Moving

You may feel huge and uncomfortable, but sitting on the couch all day waiting for “the big day” can make time feel like it is creeping by at a sluggish pace. Go for a walk; this can make you feel more energized, boost your mood and possibly help get the baby into position for delivery, if she isn’t already. Head to the pool for a swim. The water can help ease your joints and pressure.


Keep Yourself Distracted

Finish the final touches on getting the baby’s room ready. Do the laundry. Read a book. Have a movie marathon. Address the envelopes for your birth announcements. Do a fifth inventory of your bag that’s going with you to the hospital. Don’t forget to check your partner’s supplies, too.


Get Your Snooze On

Once that baby is out, you will not get a full night’s sleep for a while. If you miss out on the extra Zs now, you’ll wish you hadn’t later on. The extra sleep may help boost your energy a bit and help battle pregnancy fatigue. Sleep on your right side for better circulation and use as many pillows as you want to get comfortable.


Stock Up On Food Supplies

Making meals and freezing them ahead of time is a gift waiting to happen. When you’re a couple of weeks in, those ready-to-reheat meals are quite handy. Chili, soup, casseroles and lasagna still taste great the second time around. Also, fill the cupboards with pasta, canned foods and freezer meals.


Pamper Yourself

Before your little bundle arrives, do something special, just for you. Right now, more than ever, you deserve a pregnancy massage, foot massage or a special date night.


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