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How to Stimulate a Newborn’s Sense of Hearing

Stimulating a newborn’s sense of hearing is as easy as opening your mouth. Your baby has heard the sound of your voice since before she took her first breath — so it’s a familiar sound.

Now that your baby is in your arms, the best way to help her become aware of her surroundings through her sense of hearing is simply to talk to her.


5 Steps to Stimulate a Newborn’s Sense of Hearing

Newborn's Sense of Hearing

1. Talk to your newborn

Diaper changes and feedings are the perfect opportunities to chat with your little one. As HealthyChildren.org notes, the sound of a parent’s voice is a baby’s favorite. A newborn can recognize her mother’s voice after just a few days. She is soothed and engaged by listening to your voice.


2. Use your face to stimulate baby’s hearing

Ask Dr. Sears notes that looking directly at your baby while you speak to her will help keep her attention. A mother will naturally speak slowly and exaggerate her speech in accordance with her wee one’s awareness.


3. Watch your newborn for her reaction to your voice

Don’t worry that she is not making eye contact when you speak to her; babies don’t typically have the ability to do this until closer to 3 months of age. Still, KidsHealth notes that baby will become less active and seem to focus on your voice.


4. Challenge baby to use his hearing to locate you

Your munchkin may turn toward the sound of your voice around 3 to 4 weeks of age, according to Ask Dr. Sears. Try talking to him from across the room to encourage the development of this milestone.


5. Use soft music and rattles to stimulate baby’s hearing

Baby may even start to understand the world around her through this early play. According to KidsHealth, singing a lullaby to your little one, placing a safe toy that plays soothing music near her, or softly shaking an age-appropriate toy are early ways to encourage her curiosity and learning.


Tips & Warnings
Never hold a toy directly next to baby’s ear. As KidsHealth notes, even some rattles and baby toys can emit sounds as loud as a car horn. Subjecting your newborn to a loud or continuous noise can damage her hearing.


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