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How to Stay Positive in a World That Seems so Negative

We are surrounded by negative people and negative thoughts it’s no wonder staying positive can be a challenge. The negative vibes can even come from those closest to you but you can overcome. Read below for a practical way to stay positive.


Things You’ll Need

  • Determination
  • Positive attitude


5 Steps to Stay Positive in a World That Seems so Negative

How to Stay Positive in a World

1. Negative breeds negative.

Don’t become like those who see the glass as half empty. Give back the negative words that you were told when growing up.


2. Remind yourself on a daily basis how fortunate you are for being alive, for having your eyes to see, ears to hear and an ability to make a decision.

Thank your creator for your health and the health of your children.


3. Defeat negative self doubt with positive thoughts.

A useful exercise is to replace every negative thought with a positive replacement. For example: Replace “I am too fat” with “I am glad to be a sista with my beautiful thick hips and thighs”


4. Take a moment when faced with a negative person and send love their way.

You don’t have to say anything to them just vibe positive energy in their direction. Visualize your positive energy enveloping their negative energy. Positive will always defeat negative.


5. Most of all don’t give in.

Give a smile even when you don’t get one in return. Negative energy can only survive with more negative energy. It will succumb to positive energy.


Tips & Warnings
Exercise is a great way to improve your positive attitude.


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