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How to Stay Positive in A Stressful Situation

Sometimes life doesn’t always go the way you wish. When life throws you curve balls, it’s easy to stress out and have negative thoughts. However, being negative in a stressful situation won’t make your predicament better.

You must rid yourself of negative feelings, and stay positive during a less than pleasant situation. Whether your job or relationship is causing you stress, you can learn strategies to stay positive.


5 Steps to Stay Positive in A Stressful Situation

Stressful Situation

1. Recognize that this stressful situation will likely not last forever.

Ask yourself how important this situation will be in a week or a month. For example, if you have to turn in a project at work in a small amount of time, understand that the stress will be over once you finish the project.


2. Find the positive aspects of a stressful situation.

Instead of thinking negatively, think of how the situation can affect you positively. For example, if your hurtful words have added tension to your romantic relationship, look at it as a way to improve your ways.


3. Talk to a trusted family member or friend.

Tell her about your situation and how it has been making you feel. In addition to getting your feelings out in the open, talking about the situation can help you find the positive aspects of your situation.


4. Do not worry about things you can’t control.

If you stress about things that are out of your hands, you will only make yourself feel worse. Concentrate on the things you can control. For example, if a coworker is being malicious, focus on the way you respond to her actions.


5. Take time to have fun and relax.

Go for a walk with your dog or go to the beach with a friend. Read a book while you relax in a hot bath. If you do something you enjoy, you can take your mind off your troubles and revive yourself.


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