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How to Stay Faithful

When you enter a monogamous relationship, you are expected to commit your heart to another person. However, staying faithful in a relationship can be difficult for some people. Temptation may take over and cause some to stray from their partners.

Remaining faithful to your partner does not have to be a daunting task if you are truly ready to commit. If you want to stay faithful to your partner, you can learn ways to fend off infidelity.


5 Steps to Stay Faithful

Stay Faithful

1. Accept that you may feel attracted to someone other than your partner.

Whether it’s a pretty girl at the gym or a cute co-worker, it is normal to feel attracted to other people. While you can look at whoever you want, it is important to separate fantasy from reality.


2. Recognize that cheating on your partner would deeply hurt him.

If you put his feelings before your own, you may recognize that cheating on your partner is not worth the pain it may cause him to feel.


3. Communicate with your partner.

Ask her how her day at work was or what she wants to do over the weekend. If you need to talk about deeper subjects, don’t be afraid to share them with your partner. Having an open communication system with your partner will help you maintain a strong bond with each other.


4. Do not put yourself in a position where you may be tempted to cheat.

If you feel sexually attracted to a co-worker, never meet her alone at a restaurant or at her house. If you are tempted to meet someone off the Internet, do not have a computer in your house.


5. Keep the romance in your relationship alive.

For example, prepare a romantic dinner for your partner one night. Cook him his favorite meal and surround the table with candles and flowers. After you are finished eating, prepare him a bubble bath and gently stroke his hair as he relaxes. When you are intimate with your partner, you are showing him that you love to be around him.


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