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How to Spice Up a Relationship When You Have Kids

With the endless list of work and parenting duties, it can be easy to forget to spend time working on your intimate relationship with your spouse.

Revive a fizzled romantic life with some thoughtful gestures and bonding couple’s activities. The time and effort you put into spicing it up can bring the heat back into your marriage.


7 Ways to Spice Up a Relationship When You Have Kids

Spice Up a Relationship

1. Think of what your spouse really likes or wants, even if it’s not your “cup of tea.”

The thought of wearing lingerie, writing a sexy note or bringing home flowers may not be what gets you going, but taking the time to surprise your spouse is worth it. You never know, the favor may be returned. These are sexy or romantic items that can be given without the kids ever finding out.


2. Plan a date night

Get a babysitter or trade babysitting duties with a friend who has kids. Close the bedroom or bathroom door, take your time getting ready and surprise your spouse as you walk out all dressed up. Hold hands as you walk or play footsie under the table at the restaurant.


3. Flirt with your partner

Stroke his ego or complement your lady. Remind your spouse how beautiful you think she is or how you appreciate how he makes you laugh. Be genuine and sincere. Hearing nice words will make your spouse feel wonderful and it will make you feel good seeing how you brighten your spouse’s day.


4. Cook a romantic meal together

Feed the kids and let them have a movie night or send them to your parents’ house, if possible. As you work on a new recipe with your love, have a glass of wine and talk about lighthearted topics.

Whisper romantic or sexy words to your partner. Hug him from behind or gently kiss the back of her neck. These simple gestures can do wonders.


5. Have a make-out session

After the kids are asleep, pop on a movie that you don’t intend to watch and just make out like you were teenagers again. Take your time and build the anticipation. To make it an interesting game, set up a fun rule such as only touching over the clothes or the first to remove clothing has to wash the dishes.


6. Help your spouse relax and unwind with a massage after the kids go to bed

Use scented oils and light candles. Not only does this release tension, it can also bring you two closer and is great foreplay. This is not an activity that should be rushed.


7. Don’t overlook the power of an inpromptu quickie

Drop the “take one for the team” attitude and do it because it can be fun and exciting. Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you can’t be spontaneous and sexy. Send your husband off to work with a smile. Help your wife attain a nice glow before picking the kids up from Grandma’s house.


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