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How to Spend Time With Your Husband & Be Romantic

Although countless jokes exist about the lack of romance that occurs in marriage, this is the reality for some couples. Whether work obligations or simply not knowing how to be romantic is the underlying cause of this reduced passion, correcting it is essential.

Show your husband that your romantic feelings didn’t cease just because you exchanged vows.


4 Steps to Spend Time With Your Husband & Be Romantic

How to Spend Time With Your Husband & Be Romantic

1. Slow down and enjoy your time together

Refrain from rushing through moments or approaching them with a sense of dread. Make your husband your top priority during couple time by clearing your personal schedule. This may include arranging for a babysitter or sending your phone calls straight to voicemail.

Taking the time to relax and savor your couple time can help you stay passionate about each other.


2. Transform routine activities into romantic encounters

Realize that spending time with your husband and being romantic doesn’t have to mean expensive trips or only using special occasions as a reason to celebrate. Show your husband that you care about him everyday and are willing to express these feelings.

Examples include turning a weekday meal into a candlelight dinner or turning an afternoon of folding clothes into a creative dress-up game.


3. Release your inhibitions in the bedroom

Suggest and initiate new ideas, while remaining open to try his ideas. While you don’t want him to be with different women, introducing him to the different parts of your personality can give him an identical thrill.

It can also help build your confidence, which can lead to increased satisfaction for both of you.


4. Maintain your sense of adventure

Explore new things together to keep your relationship exciting. It also helps you create new memories instead of reliving old one or being stuck in a joyless routine.

Suitable activities include trying new hobbies together or simply trying new restaurants during dates.


Tips and Warnings

  • Participating in his ideas without resisting can make him feel valued.
  • Giving your husband compliments can boost his confidence.


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