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How to Spend a Date Night With Your Wife

Most men have a lot of demands on their time with things such as work, family, and other obligations. Often quality time spent with the wife is neglected.

However to keep a marriage strong and healthy time must be made to reconnect with your wife. A regular date night will help do that.

Here are some tips for a great date night with your wife.


5 Steps to Spend a Date Night With Your Wife

Date Night With Your Wife


1. Pick an activity that you both enjoy

If you pick something like a football game, make sure your wife enjoys it as much as you do.


2. Eliminate distractions of daily life

The focus of date night should be on your wife. Arrange for babysitting before the date and do not check on the kids. You can carry a cell phone to be reached in case of emergencies, but do not answer business and other personal calls. Let your coworkers know that you will be unavailable during this time.


3. Make date night a special occasion

Do something you enjoy but do not get a chance to do often. Examples are a fine dining meal, and a concert. An opportunity to dress up and go out is something all wives enjoy and it makes them feel special.


4. Simplify when needed

Date night does not need to always be expensive or extravagant. A casual dinner or even just going out for coffee and dessert can be very nice and a welcomed relief to daily life. You might want to take a long walk and talk.


5. Schedule date nights regularly

Put date nights on your schedule. Make it a priority. If you only do date night when you have free time you will never do it. Time spent with your wife is equally important as your other obligations.


Tips & Warnings
If babysitting is a problem with you offer to babysit for other couples with children so they can have a date night. Ask them to return the favor on your date nights.


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